Intra.NET Reloaded – Berlin

10. - 12. April 2019 in Berlin

Speaker slot on Friday, April 12:
The Intranet is dead – long live the Digital Workspace!

  • Stefan Waalderbos, EMEA Microsoft Technology Lead & Evangelist - Digital Workspace business unit
  • Victor-Jan Leurs, General Manager – Insight Digital Workspace business unit

Transforming your business to compete in today’s digital economy is more than just a technology refresh with the latest hardware, software, or cloud deployments. It’s really about adapting to new ways of working and creating a strong digital culture.

  • Learn how to overcome challenges of low workforce engagement and resistance to change in the digital world
  • Explore ways to improve productivity with digital workspace tools
  • Discover how to create a strong digital culture to prosper from new opportunities digital transformation brings

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