Managing an organisation's license estate is a key responsibility. Publishers keep changing their licensing models, and the cloud has added yet another layer of complexity. Over-procurement and under-utilization of both on-premises and cloud software continues to be a challenge. This entails major financial risks, partly because the number of software audits has increased in recent years.

Do you recognize these challenges?
Would you like support negotiating your next software contract or guidance on how to avoid incompliancy or Indirect Access fees?

Join us for the Meet the Experts Software & Cloud License Summit 2020 at the marvellous Klassikstadt classic car venue in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. At this event, our experienced vendor experts will equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need to effectively manage your licensing estate, allowing you to make more informed decisions when your next software licensing contract is up for renewal. Meet your peers and discuss case studies and best practices.

Meet the Experts personally: After the official agenda you have the opportunity to book individual 1:1 sessions with our experts to discuss vendor-specific questions. Please make sure to secure your slot right away.


09:00 - 09:30:     Arrival & registration: Meet our licensing experts for a first chat & coffee

09:30 - 09:45:     Welcome and introduction (Markus Horschig, LCS Lead Germany)

09:45 - 10:15:     The future of licensing and cost management in a cloud-centric world (Sverre van Straaten, Senior Cloud Consultant)

10:15 - 10:45:     Coffee break

10:45 - 12:00:     Expert panel: cross-vendor audit defense
                           Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP experts from Insight interactively discuss current vendor strategies.
                           Gain profound insights as to where the vital differences and similarities are and what to watch out for - now and in future.

12:00 - 13:00:    Lunch break

13:00 - 14:00:    Roundtable sessions: dedicated, parallel-run vendor sessions with Insight specialists

                         IBM - Jurgen Grolleman, Executive Consultant IBM
                            On July 1st, 2019, two major changes became reality: IBM completed the acquisition of Red Hat, and the divestiture of 6 product                             families to HCL was closed. How does this impact you as an IBM client? What are your rights, risks & opportunities? How does it                             impact your current contract, what will happen with ILMT as a mandatory tool to prove Sub Capacity compliancy?

                         MICROSOFT - Marc Brasser, Practice Manager Microsoft
                            - Arial battle: the Microsoft negotiation battle takes place in the cloud
                            - Latest licensing updates
                            - Negotiations - how to get into the driver's seat

                         ORACLE - Razvan Tarnovschi, Executive Consultant Oracle
                            - Contractual terms and conditions, including a deep-dive into the changed Audit Clause Audit
                            - Infrastructure challenges, incl. Oracle on VMware and best practices in dealing with this setup
                            - Best practices in dealing with Oracle during negotiations: understand the internal workings of Oracle sales

                        SAP - Désirée Weiss, Executive Consultant SAP
                           The urgency of managing SAP licenses is becoming more and more crucial, and for companies to take
                           control of their SAP license usage, the first critical step is to fully understand SAP licensing and about the steps of the                            necessary s/4HANA migration 2025. Topics that will be discussed:
                           - SAP Audit: opportunity or risk
                           - Indirect / Digital Access Model
                           - Move or migrate to s/4HANA
                           - Measurement, SAP Engines and SAP Notes
                           - Compliance and cost containment

                       CLOUD - Sverre van Straaten, Senior Cloud Consultant
                          Best practices and tools for cloud cost governance and management

14:00 - 17:00:     Vendor-specific, individual 1:1 sessions (pre-booking essential, please select requested session in registration form)

In a nutshell - what to expect:

  • Executive views on SLM/SAM and compliance
  • Trends and events affecting SLM/SAM and compliance programs
  • Licensing Focus on IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Cloud in general
  • Stimulating roundtables and interview with our Experts

Who should attend:

  • License compliance program managers, auditors and software asset managers
  • Vendor management and procurement responsible involved with software licensing especially for SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle
  • Executives and IT Managers looking to network with peers
  • IT security pros looking to build expertise in related SAM practices and Cloud
  • IT Legal and Business Finance representatives
  • (all sessions for end user companies only - valid company mail)


Klassikstadt Frankfurt, Orber Str. 4a, 60386 Frankfurt/Main. The location is barrier-free. Parking spaces are sufficiently available.


January 23, 2020 09:00 - 14:00. The 30 min. 1:1 consulting sessions will take place from 14:00 - 17:00 on a "first register first serve" basis.

Marc Brasser, Practice Manager Microsoft

Marc Brasser, Practice Manager Microsoft

Marc joined Insight 10+ years ago and since held various executive sales and consulting roles. Specialist on Microsoft license and contract optimisation with a clear focus on commercial objectives and project delivery.

Contact Marc via LinkedIn

Desiree Weiss, Executive Consultant SAP

Desiree Weiss, Executive Consultant SAP

Prior to joining Insight 2 years ago, Desiree held various senior positions at the Zurich Insurance Company where she was, among other things, responsible for the Global SAP Engagement for 10+ years.

Contact Désirée via LinkedIn

Jurgen Grolleman, Executive Consultant IBM

Jurgen Grolleman, Executive Consultant IBM

Prior to joining Insight 5 years ago, Jurgen worked at IBM for 15+ years in various sales and channel roles. 25+ years of experience in selling and negotiating software contracts. Deep expertise in IBM non-compliance and audit issues.

Contact Jurgen via LinkedIn

Razvan Tarnovschi, Executive Consultant Oracle

Razvan Tarnovschi, Executive Consultant Oracle

Prior to joining Insight almost 2 years ago, Ravzan worked at Oracle for 11+ years in various consultancy and sales roles. Expert at deal shaping and negotiation, optimisation of existing deployments, baseline and audit defense services.

Contact Razvan via LinkedIn

Sverre van Straaten, Senior Cloud Consultant

Sverre van Straaten, Senior Cloud Consultant

Sverre joined Insight 1 year ago and has 12+ years of IT experience in various roles within consultancy, sales and recruitment. Strong focus on cloud adoption strategy, subscription optimization and billing issues.

Contact Sverre via LinkedIn

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